Saturday, June 2, 2012

British - Carolina Indian Trade Goods pt. 2

Invoyce of a cargo of Indian trading goods of abt. One thousand pounds ster. Value, and must be sorted in proportion ffor a greater or less value.

    40 pieces of double striped blew strouds
    20 pieces ditto red
    30 pieces of striped duffiles each about 15 Blanketts
    20 pieces of Blew ditto
    10 pieces of red ditto
    100 Indian trading guns
    10000 flints
    30 barrels Of Powder
    30 lbs (?) ball
    100 pieces of white ozenbriggs
    60 lbs. Vermillion
    8 gross Bowdy Caddass (?)
    20 pr. Kerseys
    100 lbs of beads
    1000 lbs Brass Kittles
    5 doz.  28 hatts
    12 doz. white tensy lard (?)
    12 doz. yellow tensy lard (?)
    24 doz. Chopper (copper) buttons
    20 doz. Small looking glasses
    6 doz. of brown, red and blew thread
    4 thousand needled large size
    40 gross tobacco pipes
    10 doz. Broad howes
    10 doz small Indian hatchets
    12 prs. Of Pistolls
    2 Barrels of Cutlary ware abt. 20 lbs. value
    10 doz. Symeters
    10 doz.  Kerting necloathes
    10 doz small (illegible) boxes

The following list is shown in a box on the side of the above list:

    The usuall presents made to the head men of the Indians are compleat suits of cloathes ffrom  
    head to ffoot
    They value Black trim’d w/ white
    Red trim’d w/ tensy
    Blew trim’d w/ tensy

    Their attendants have shirts, fflapps & stroud matchcoats
    The women either course calico gowns and Petticoats or striped fflannel w/ smocks etc.

    Some time they present the warriors w/ a better gun & cutlass than ordinary.
    They are not easily contented if by importunity they ffind they can get more, soe it must be to

    Their trade consists in Buck skins & a few ffurrs;

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