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British - Carolina Indian Trade Goods pt. 1

Francis Nicholson ca. 1710
Maryland State Archives
The following is the first part of a list of trade goods recommended that South Carolina Gov. Francis Nicholson take with him to conduct talks with "Indians in Charolina", in this case likely the Cherokee. Nicholson's tenure as Governor immediately followed a rebellion by citizens of South Carolina. South Carolina had been nearly decimated after the Yamassee War, 1715-1717, and they demanded protection. In 1719 the Crown replaced the Lord's Proprietors with a  Royal Governor. Nicholson's attempt to pacify the Cherokee is represented by the list below. After 1730, the Cherokee grew restless again leading Sir Alexander Cuming to visit the Cherokee country and negotiate land transfer. Likewise, later Governor James Glenn helped pacify the Cherokee by negotiating peace between warring factions of Cherokee and the Creek confederacy. Combined, these actions led to the establishment of a British presence and further projection of British interests on the western frontier, first with Fort Prince George at the Cherokee town of Keowee and later with Fort Loudon among the Overhill Cherokee towns.
This list was just the beginning of a long balancing act between the British and the Cherokee.

A special thanks to Michael Ramsey for help with the transcription (300 year old King's English is very hard to read).All spelling and puncutation has been preserved.

September 15, 1720 (Julian Date)

An account of several things proper for Governor Nicolson to carry w/ him in order to make presents to the head men of the Indians in Charolina.

Six pieces of broad cloath of abt 108 or 128 pr. yard value of black, blew, red & other collours

Sufficient linings & other trimmings for to make them up into cloathes

2 doz. cased Hatts of abt 128 value each

2 doz. course stockins of abt. 3 or 48 pr pair

2 doz. pair of shoes w/ brass buckles

2 doz. course neckloathes of kerting or such like

2 doz. shirts of Garlix

2 pieces of Stroud, 1 blew the other red to be cutt into flapps, matchoats & stockins

A doz ffusees of 208 value each w/ a few ordinary cutlasses & belts, 1 barl. of fine powd. & 1oo lb. lead in Barrels

2 or three pieces course callico or painted fflanell or Calllamanco

2 doz. strings of beads for necklaces

Several toys at discretion & some vermillion & small looking glasses

2 doz. prints of his Majesty & the Royal family in small guilt fframes

Prints of his majesties arms – a ffew Guineas, half Guineas, Crowns, half Crowns & shillings to be strung on red ribbons and be worn by the Chiefs.

British Public Record Office, C.O. 5/358, Fol. 30. Microfilm at Hunter Library, Western Carolina University

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