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The Davidson County Rangers - 1792

A project I have working on for some time now looks at the early militia of Tennessee from pre-statehood (1780) until 1800. While some work has been done (Trevor Smith diss. “Pioneers, Patriots, and Politicians: The Tennessee Militia System, 1772-1857”, UT Knoxville) it's a bit more broad and less analytical than I'd like to do. I hope to not only quantify the militia system based on legislation vs. independent actions but also to be able to place recorded militia events within a better context.

From time to time I will include parts of the research. Below is a transcription of a muster roll for one 1792 mobilization of the Davidson County Rangers (more later on the actual function of these Rangers). Transcribed from Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers who Served from 1784-1811, Territory South of the River Ohio. TSLA, mf 877. Editing and formatting provided by yours truly.

Of exceptional note is the age of the Rangers - this was definitely a young man's game.

Davidson County Rangers - Territory Southwest of the River Ohio

Ordered on duty by Elijah Robertson, Lt. Col. Commandant of Davidson County.

Discharged on 16 April 1792

Rations due:      

-          George Walker, Lt. : 28 rations at 8 cents, $2.24

-          2 non-commissioned officers: 196 rations at 8 cents, $15.42

All service 2 April 1792 – 16 April 1792, total of 14 days

Private pay: $3 per month

Corporal pay: $4 per month

Sergeant pay: $5 per month

Lieutenant pay: $22 per month

Name                                         Residence                             Age                                        Total Pay


Lt. George Walker                     Nashville                                23                                         $10.26 2/3rd

Sgt. John W. Crory                    Sulphur Creek                        26                                           $2.33 1/3rd

Corp. Josiah Hunter                   Wells Creek                           25                                           $1.86 2/3rd


Samuel Blair                              Mill Creek                              25                                                  $1.40

Abraham Castleman                  Mill Creek                              22                                                     ‘’

Joseph Castleman                      Nashville                                18                                                     ‘’

Sylvenias Castleman                 Nashville                                 18                                                     ‘’

Robert W. Crory                        Mill Creek                              20                                                     ‘’

James Hylin                               Sulphur Creek                         25                                                     ‘’

David McGuire                         Stones River                            24                                                     ‘’

William Montgomery               Craigheads Creek                    24                                                     ‘’

George Nutterfield                    Stones River                            26                                                     ‘’

Michael Squires                         McClain Bent                         21                                                     ‘’

William Walker                         Wells Creek                            22                                                     ‘’

Andrew White                            Jones Bent                              21                                                     ‘’

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